Increasing and enhancing the engagement of users and communitites with digital humanities collections.

Nowadays a fundamental change in the way digital cultural heritage is experienced is required: CULTURA is delivering innovative adaptive services and an interactive user environment that tailors the investigation, comprehension and enrichment of digital humanities artefacts and collections. Through the provision of such  functionality, CULTURA is offering genuine user empowerment and unprecendented levels of engagement with digital cultural heritage collections.

Cultura is currently being evaluated and validated in the context of two representative digital collections. The 1641 Depositions are a collection of XVII century manuscripts that comprise witness statements, examinations and associated materials related to a rebellion by the Catholic Irish in October 1641. The Imaginum Pativinae Scientiae Archivum (IPSA) is a digital archive of illuminated manuscripts, both astrological and botanical codices, produced mainly in the Veneto region during the XIV and XV centuries.